Weeknote 04/2013

This week

  • I attended the 30th birthday party of one of my best friends, themed “Thriftieth”. All in the name of a good cause as charity shops around Durham raked it in and I looked a little something like this… charity-night
  • I suffered for it on Sunday :-(
  • Finished off my presentation for the strategic visioning workshop we’re running, created all of the templates and ran through the day with colleagues. We’ll see how it all goes next week.
  • Did some work with dashboards on Google Analytics for our service. We wanted a snapshot of activity at international; UK .ac.uk domain; and UK non-.ac.uk domain levels. For each view you get an overview of top organisations viewing the site; top content; information on page views with a regional split where relevant; and top search terms. I also helped pull together some statistics regarding our provision to organisations from Wales. I’ll try to write a post on this in case it’s useful to others.
  • Reviewed two publications for my MSc as recommended by the APM’s LinkedIn Group. I’m carrying out my literature review in a similar way to my weeknotes – see 01/2013 and 02/2013 if you’re interested in project management.
  • Took part in a planning meeting – my year is looking very busy already.
  • Answered various queries on and read through some interesting case studies emerging from the Jisc’s Transformations programme which I’m supporting.
  • Had a meeting as a follow-up to the UCISA Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice (EACP) start-up meeting. We should start to get invites out in the next week or so. We trialled collaborate as they’re interested in running a series of webinars.

Lessons learned

  • I need to starting writing a summary of what I’ve done after I’ve done it. I find it quite difficult remembering what I’ve done during the week – a lot going on at the minute.
  • I can no longer handle large quantities of alcohol, who am I kidding – been like that for a while.

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