My Work Week in Words #2

Friday off this week so it’s been a short one.┬áNevertheless, still plenty to be getting on with.

Sprints for Outstanding Actions

We always start our week at infoNet with a half hour weekly catch-up. We had an outstanding action from a previous staff planning meeting to digitally capture some material produced as part of a brainstorm. We were struggling to find time between us to complete this; actually, I’d argue that we were struggling to prioritise the task. I suggested to a colleague that we have a half hour sprint after the weekly catch-up where everyone gets together and collates the data into a central Google Doc. Not only did we complete the task, it really helped boost everyone’s morale for the rest of the day. We’re going to run similar sprints going forward.

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My Work Week in Words #1

I’m keen on starting to capture my week in words as a record that will contribute to my appraisal in 2013. These posts might not make a lot of sense to you but if you have any questions/comments please feel free to add them. If I’ve worked with you I’d really appreciate any feedback on my actions :-)


I started the week by finalising my appraisal forms. infoNet use a wiki to do this so that staff members can continually update their forms throughout the year. I’ve set myself a range of objectives across four areas of JISC: infoNet; Business & Community Engagement; Transformations; and Emerging Practices. I then took those objectives and broke them down into a range of key activities (as lists) within wunderlist where I can begin to break them down even further into tasks. I’ve based this on the GTD approach to productivity and it’s working well so far. At the start of the week I chose what my key priorities were and set deadlines for them within wunderlist. Once I’d completed that batch, I reviewed what other tasks I had and did the same. So far so good!

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