Weeknote 1/2014


I’ve just returned from annual leave so this week has mainly been about getting back up to speed, but perhaps worth noting the following.

  • I’m going to be working as part of the team delivering this year’s Jisc Summer of Student Innovation–a chance for students to create real technology solutions to improve education, research and student life. We’re currently in the process of getting everything ready to mark the entries, and to run a range of summer schools taking place in July, August and September.
  • I’m working with a University as part of the Leadership Foundation‘s Changing the Learner Landscape programme and I’m currently in the process of designing a workshop to map processes relating to the delivery of their online learning.
  • I got asked to help out with some future planning for XCRI-CAP so I spent a fair amount of time preparing for a meeting we’re holding this upcoming Monday. We’re bringing together a real mix of people to try and work out what will be of most use to the sector. To ensure everyone has a fair say we’re adopting a range of participatory approaches and we’ll be asking some quite controversial questions–should be fun.


Missed cooking recently and I probably went a bit overboard. Recipes we’ve tried this week.