MSc Literature Review 04/2013

Improving HEI Productivity and Performance through Project Management

Not much of a sketchnote this one…

Improving HEI Productivity and Performance through Project Management



My colleague recently presented at IWMW and one of the audience members created a sketchhnote of his talk. I was fascinated. Our team attend a lot of conferences and have to synthesise a lot of information and so I wanted to find out more. I wanted to learn how I can begin to pick out key messages from a sea of information. It would also be particularly useful for me in carrying out a literature review for my dissertation. My thinking is that I can use the technique in reviewing books, journals etc. – not just listening to talks.

So we got a copy of Mike Rohde’s book for the office. I read the book in a couple of hours, it’s a very easy read helped by the visuals – I’m a slow reader, and I decided to produce a sketchnote to summarise my learning. I’m going to use this to explain it to the team and also use some of Mike’s exercises so everyone can try it out. My sketchnote can be found below. I’ll keep you informed of our progress! I ended up copying a couple of visuals from the book just so I could practice as I’m not that good at drawing. Hopefully Mike will forgive me. But the key learning point for me was that sketchnotes are about ideas not art!