Getting my Kanban 101 badge

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself losing control of my working environment somewhat. I think the reason for that has been twofold:

  1. Trying a new workflow which hasn’t really been working for me, relying solely on a CRM — I tried!
  2. I’ve been very busy personally, creating an outside space that my son deserves. The grass is growing as we speak and my bones ache :-)

Today, I had time to reflect and take stock on where I’m at. It also coincides with having just read my friend’s, Doug Belshaw, article on Trello Kanban. It’s not hugely different to how I used to work, the only difference being my choice of tool which was Wunderlist. But Doug is offering a Kanban 101 badge and I want one so I thought I’d give Trello another go…

I’ve gone with a very basic set-up to begin with and only have one board at the moment — focusing on work tasks. I’m not using it with team members at this stage – it’s just for my personal work load. I may broaden the scope of my board to include tasks outside of work but we’ll see.

My Trello board comprises four lists, in this order from left to right:

  1. On hold
  2. To do
  3. Doing
  4. Done

For me, it makes sense to have On hold at the beginning. I’m not really sure why but it just didn’t feel right in the middle of all the others. You can see an early snapshot of my board below.

A screenshot of my personal Trello board

My trello board – some of the tasks may not make sense unless you know the associated tag i.e. “Review progress and update overview” is in relation to managing my accounts (green).

In terms of style, I’m trying to start each task with a verb, write each task in sentence case and assign a relevant tag to each task. At the moment my tags aren’t very well defined so I’ll work on that. For me tags should be based on functions in relation to my role but I have a couple of extra ones in there at the moment. In terms of timescales I only ever set deadlines where necessary e.g. a submission deadline, otherwise I find them arbitrary and counter-productive. Something else I haven’t quite fathomed out yet is how many tasks I should be Doing at any one time. As I write this post I have five tasks in the Doing column, although that’s about to be four.

Now how do I get my badge?!?


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