Weeknote 8/2015

Pic of the week

Dad and son selfie

Mammy was away this weekend so things got messy!

What have I been up to?

As you may, or may not, know — last week’s weeknote was a little on the sombre side although it was the first poem I’ve written and made public. I’ve tried to catch-up on everything I missed out on in this post.

I attended Jisc DigiFest, helping out on the Digital Dream Wall where art students from Guildford College visualised attendees’ digital challenges and aspirations. There was a fantastic buzz around the place, if you couldn’t make it you can always catch-up with the recordings.

I was interviewed about Digital Leadership which will feed into a scoping report for Jisc. The discussion I had focused on what Jisc might be able to do, and for me I think it’s a bit of a no brainer. Simon Nelson (Futurelearn), at DigiFest, mentioned that they are being asked to run a course on digital skills. Every project I’ve been involved in, staff/student skills always comes up. I don’t understand why Jisc isn’t delivering this (maybe there are some conversations ongoing that I’m unaware of) but I think we have enough experience, background research, and contacts to make this happen. Let’s see what comes out of the scoping report.

Our team, Jisc North, held a team meeting at Leeds Beckett University to reflect on the first ten weeks in operation and plan for the next ten weeks ahead. It was also a great chance to meet new team members (we’ll soon be up to full strength), and an opportunity for sub-groups to share key information. I have to say that my new boss is doing an excellent job in bringing the team together — almost family-like which makes work an absolute pleasure.

We’re currently re-procuring the Yorkshire and the Humber regional network, currently in a consultation phase and so I sent out a request to all of my accounts in that region for information regarding their future requirements. We’ve had a positive response so far which has also resulted in a number of site visits being arranged.

I also had a couple of calls with colleges last week to introduce myself. It was interesting listening to their existing challenges and what they’re focusing on. Although there was a sense of need, in terms of what Jisc can offer, they struggled to answer the question “if Jisc could do anything for you, no restraints, what would that be?” I have a feeling that the Johari window model is going to be useful for Jisc Account Managers to bear in mind.

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