Weeknote 7/2015

An odd Weeknote this time around. I don’t really feel like talking work or anything else for that matter. Had some awful news regarding people dear to me. Also made me think long and hard about my own loss about a year and a half a go. So of all things I wrote a poem. Maybe a first draft of something that needs expanding further…

A healer’s true form will find you in time

At times our world

can seem so unfair.

Broken hearts, a last breath —

manifests in despair.

Its grip, unyielding,

pulls you deeper below.

Keep it close to your chest,

or release and let go.

Each to their own

in both remedy and rhyme.

A healer’s true form

will find you in time.

Not always complete

but often stronger in mind.

We’re all human, remember,

don’t assume and be kind.


3 thoughts on “Weeknote 7/2015

  1. don’t think this will need redrafting, it’s beautiful and very moving (in spite of me not knowing all the detail that obviously sits behind it)

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