Weeknote 3/2015

This post is a mix of what should have been weeknote 3 and weeknote 4. Unfortunately I was really ill last weekend and didn’t have the time to pull this together.

My new role

After some discussion about our new roles with the team, my colleague Marianne seemed to sum it up perfectly:

My role as account manager is to develop relationships with institutional customers to ensure they derive maximum value from Jisc services and products and to champion their needs and requirements within Jisc.

I am part of the Jisc north team with a specialism in Jisc’s research and development activities delivered through the digital futures directorate.

I’d be interested if anyone has any thoughts on this?

What have I been up to?

  • Working with the team to allocate Jisc Northern England accounts. I’m responsible for 30 accounts in total: 1 land based college; 3 specialist colleges; 6 higher education institutions; 7 sixth form centres; 13 general further education colleges.
  • Researching which of our regional accounts have existing links with Jisc’s research and development work.
  • I had my induction which was excellent as far as inductions go and a fantastic opportunity to start and get to know everyone in their new roles. I do think there’s an opportunity to make inductions better by circulating standard information prior to the induction. This will allow attendees to digest the information and then time at the induction could be better used to raise questions, identify issues and even solve those issues.
  • I’m starting to receive enquiries from “customers” and my diary is starting to look a lot more exciting! I don’t think being ill has helped me much this week but I need to work on being more responsive e.g. notifying people I’m working on their request so they know something is being done.
  • I visited Leeds Beckett University this week to meet members of the Open Rose Group (opening up access for disabled users of Academic Libraries in Yorkshire). It was a chance for myself and other Jisc colleagues to update the group on recent changes but it also raised some interesting points about the accessibility of resources offered by publishers, something we’re looking into.
  • I finally got to test the new Customer Relationship Management system using some real data. It was an interesting process which has really got me thinking about good practice when recording information. Personally, I think it’s better to distil information into the key learning points and wrap that up into a single document (rather than multiple email threads). This can then be linked to from our corporate shared drive making it more usable by other staff. The “interesting” part is that the linked-to document doesn’t need to contain any confidential information which is captured in the CRM itself.
  • Working on reorganising my feedly account. My role covers a much broader remit now and so I need to expand where I gather news from. It’s still work in progress. Once I’m finished I’ll share my lists.
  • I’ve been testing out GaggleAmp which I thought was great. It’s a way of organisations/individuals to suggest social media content that others might amplify. As an amplifier I get to chose what I publish, what channels I use, when it goes out or even edit the content if I’m not happy with the original message.

Things that caught my attention

  • Ucas said a record 36,000 UK applicants who declared a disability were accepted by universities – source Guardian
  • Seven places I find interesting, relevant and useful stuff in 2015 by Doug Belshaw
  • The Food Assembly
  • RoboBraille for converting documents into more accessible files
  • An Open Letter Regarding the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education via ACRLog
  • What price is Open Access? by Lorraine Estelle.
  • A Hippocratic Oath for Ed-Tech by Audrey Watters.

Recipe of the week

Very simple one this week. Now that I’m officially working from home I’m trying to get into some good eating habits. My favourite lunch over the last two weeks was a very simple poached egg on toast with a slight twist. Sauté some mushrooms with some crushed garlic. Pile that on the toast first and then add the poached egg. Season well = #tastesensation :)


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