Weeknote 6/2014


Not a huge amount to report back on this week. Spent the early part of the week carrying out an appraisal and finalising the documentation from my own. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday was a mixture of Summer of Student Innovation planning and preparation for a workshop I was facilitating down in London for UCISA CISG focusing on Application Portfolio Management (APM). I’ll report back on APM once I’ve had a chance to reflect on the outputs.


  • 10/10 My wife made some cracking mini chorizo burgers–slider buns from Marks & Spencers; mini chorizo sausages from Sainsbury’s; and then have a mixture of toppings to go with it. Believe it or not, a slice of goats cheese with red jalapeños is absolutely amazing.
  • 6/10 Good Food’s Halloumi and bacon rolls–not as good as it sounded :(


  • A shared photo stream using iPhones (or similar options for other models) works an absolute storm in workshops. Thanks @whaa.

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