Weeknote 4/2014


  • Spent the day in Leeds last Monday thinking through how Jisc might help the sector transform the digital student experience. We’re looking to build upon some of the work undertaken with the Leadership Foundation as part of Changing the Learning Landscape and providing the same opportunity to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Still a few kinks to iron out but hopefully get that kicked off pretty soon.
  • When I was in the office my time was spent finalising the agenda for the first Summer of Student Innovation Summer School taking place 14-16 July. Really looked forward to meeting all of the students, experts and mentors. I also focused on pulling together an outline of what Jisc require from each project as part of the process.
  • Spent Thursday in Bristol exploring customer reporting possibilities. Interesting day but I’m looking forward to how these discussions progress in terms of shaping what might be required by each customer, what data we’ll need to utilise and how we join this up across the piece.
  • Friday was focused on planning a range of upcoming consultation workshops to gather further thoughts on how Jisc might approach the project I mentioned last week: From prospect to alumnus.


We were away a lot this week so only one recipe to shout about but it was good!


  • My friend is honing his creative writing skills and has started a blog. Show him some support over at http://thedeanburns.wordpress.com/.
  • Date night this month was spent at the Clarence Villa and it was excellent. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone living in and around Durham City. Beer was great to, spent the night drinking their own Brown Ale.

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