A couple of ad-hoc requests meant I couldn’t do everything I had planned this week but that shouldn’t cause too many issues in the long run.

  • I spent the beginning of the week analysing Google Analytics data for a partnership we have running. The complexity of Google Analytics is amazing and customisation options are fantastic. The difficult bit is deciding what’s relevant!
    • One thing I’ve noticed when comparing our own data against others is that a very structured website makes it much easier to assess in the long run e.g. we can easily focus in on the tools section of our website because all tools are hosted there, similar with infoKits. Other websites I’ve assessed only really allow for a high level overviews.
  • I also spent some time in Google Analytics for our own internal purposes as we regularly report on our monthly reach. Google recently made a few changes to its metrics and so I needed to address this for our reporting template.
  • I attended the marking panel for Jisc’s Summer of Student Innovation. Once the results have been announced I’ll share those.
  • On Wednesday I was invited to a very interesting discussion about a new Digital Literacy publication that Jisc are planning. The focus of that output will be much wider–we’re thinking along the lines of Digital Capability, but with a view to bringing everything Jisc have been working on in this area together in one place.
  • In the background I’ve been pulling together resources to help the Summer of Student Innovation projects although that’s still very much work in progress and continuing to research coaching and mentoring.
  • Finally, but not least, I had a really interesting discussion on Friday about another project we might be involved with–from prospect to alumnus. This project is focused on providing a joined-up digital student experience fit for the 21st century, from pre-application through to employment. Easier said than done having been through a lot of this on the Flexible Service Delivery programme. At the moment we’re simply interested in the key issues different stakeholder groups have or if you happen to have any ideas that we might consider. So if you do, please add them to the comments below!




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