McCormick, I. (2006) ‘Same planet, different worlds: why projects continue to fail. A generalist view of project management with special reference to electronic research administration’, Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, 10 (4), pp. 102-108.

This article focused on project management in an HE context. As the title suggests there was an emphasis on Electronic Research Administration (ERA). One quote in particular caught my attention and it’s something I’d like to investigate further.

While there are certainly theoretical concepts which can be deduced in project management, it has been argued that, while there is a preponderence of methodology, there is no explicit theory of project management.

The article itself focused more on how to engender success; in particular the fact that success is not strictly linked to methodology but rather the connection between the project and organisation. This was a perspective of a Head of Research Service and although there are some useful quotes in this paper it didn’t feel like I was learning a great deal from it.


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