Weeknote 13/2013

Work activity

Marketing and communications

I’ve been doing a lot more work around our service’s marketing and communications strategy. See my most recent reflections on Jisc infoNet’s team blog. As well as this I’ve started to outline our targets and work with @elliogem to establish our presence on twitter. I’d thoroughly recommend following us – @jiscinfonet – we’re very selective about what we share! We’re really just starting out with it but I’m hoping to reflect regularly on our progress so that we can share our learning with others.

Higher Education VAT exemption

Updated our website to point to HEFCE’s most recent guidance on the cost sharing group exemption. Anyone with an interest in shared services will want to have a look at this with regards to VAT exemption.

Identity Management

We’re beginning to flesh out our plans for supporting Jisc’s Identity Management (Idm) work. It will involve the transfer of the Identity Management Toolkit to our website and also  developing an Access and Identity Management topic that pulls everything (that’s still relevant) together in one place.

Jisc Transformations

Produced a summary page for the Jisc Transformations case studies and began tagging them so that we can easily reuse what’s there. The next stage is to add tags specific to those case studies as opposed to generic tags for the purposes of programme administration. We’re in conversation with Jisc marketing and communications to think through how we disseminate this material.

Of interest


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