Weeknote 10/2013

Work activity

Jisc Transformations programme

I’ve been doing a lot more work on the Jisc Transformations programme. We’ve so far received 38/58 digital stories and 46/58 case studies. I’ve been looking through the outputs and have started to transfer them ready to publicise. I’m hopeful the bulk of activity will be complete next week.

Communications strategy

I’ve been looking into our communications strategy and ensuring that we’re more joined up with Jisc. As a result I’ve established a marketing and communications working group to develop this further – comprising @elliogem, @dc86 and myself. It’s been a very interesting exercise as it’s really forced us to question what it is we do as a service. Thankfully, we’ve carried out a lot of work in this area previously especially in terms of our business functions. For example:

  1. Manage projects and programmes
  2. Host, manage and attend events
  3. Partnerships and collaboration
  4. etc.

Using our core business functions as a foundation we then began to brainstorm our high level objectives, answering the question “what would we like to achieve in these areas?” It was very difficult at this stage to focus on objectives and not get too bogged down in tactics which is more about answering the question “how can communications help us to achieve our objectives?” And, I’m still a little bit unclear as to what makes a really good objective, despite having read around the topic.

Anyway, we’ve drafted a communications strategy and asked the team for comments. Each objective has a set of targets and high level overview of how we’ll attempt to achieve them. The next step is to carry out a more detailed baseline and firm up our targets.

Lessons learned

Confront your weaknesses! Despite doing okay at an academic level I’ve always struggled with search strategies and shone away from asking for help. I swallowed my pride this week and approached the University library for some help and it was great. I learned so much from sitting alongside an expert in that field. Some of them very basic things that I should have known beforehand. In whatever line of work you’re in make sure you make the most of the support on offer to you! I’ll try to write-up my learning in a separate post.

Of interest


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