Weeknote 09/2013

This post covers the past two weeks. I was at Kendal Calling  last weekend which meant I didn’t have a chance to create a weeknote. If ever you get the chance to go to Kendal Calling in the future I’d thoroughly recommend it. Very well organised, some great bands and a great introduction to festival life if you don’t want to delve straight into one of the big festivals.

Kendal Calling

Work activity

Doesn’t seem like much but other than meetings and general day to day activities my work activity consisted of the following.

  • I spent the week commencing 22nd July developing a new resource on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It will become a new infoKit and brings together work previously funded by the Jisc Business and Community Engagement programme. It’s currently being proof read after which I’m hoping to release it to be reviewed.
  • A large number of projects from Jisc’s Transformations programme were due to complete on 31st July. I spent a great deal of time providing support, answering queries and bringing together all of the outputs. We should hopefully be able to share those outputs soon.

Lessons learned

  • Always try to remain calm when confronted with difficult situations. I had a work situation and personal situation over the past two weeks that made me feel extremely angry and frustrated inside but I remained calm and responded appropriately. The results were fantastic and reflecting back on it I feel fantastic about the way I handled things.

Of interest

  • Don’t underestimate what’s on your doorstep, we visited Crimdon beach this weekend and it was fantastic.

Reid on Crimdon Be


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