Weeknote 08/2013

This week

  • Lots of meetings this week. Managed to estimate some dates for the larger pieces of work I’ve got going on with the Jisc Services BCE Team. We use a Google Spreadsheet to develop our plans. It’s a living document which we use to form discussions during our weekly team meeting.
  • I read Mike Rohde’s book on sketchnotes. My post on sketchnotes explains my interest in them. I’m also trying to mash them up with weeknotes as a way of developing my literature review.
  • I found out my research proposal got accepted. I was over the moon!
  • I’m still in the process of reading through case studies being developed as a part of Jisc’s Transformations Programme. Just to get a feel for the final outputs as well as trying to provide comments where relevant.
  • I began the process of closing a Community of Practice we set up about three years ago. The community was originally developed as a part of a Jisc programme however activity has dwindled over the years.
  • I developed a draft Terms of Reference for a Marketing and Communications Working Group we’ve set-up internally for infoNet. The group currently comprises me (the Information Manager), our lead for communications and the multimedia developer. The aims eveolve around stakeholder relationships, demonstrating value and raising the service’s profile.

Lessons learned

Left this weeks post far too late. It’s been a bit rushed and you can probably tell. I must remember to write down notes at the end of each day!! :-S

Of interest


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