Weeknote 07/2013

Returning from holiday

This week

Right, back in the swing of things now after returning from my annual leave. Had a lot of catching-up to do last week and was heavily involved with some annual returns required by Jisc. All done now and my 10 year anniversary at Jisc infoNet has been and passed. So what’s been keeping me busy this week?

  • I’ve been working on ideas to update Jisc infoNet’s Further Education Records Retention Schedule. More on why Records Management is important can be found on infoNet’s website. Updating the Records Retention Schedule (RRS) will generally save lots of people from across the sector from having to do it themselves. We’re very keen on making it more open going forward which will make it easier to use, more accurate and will help us to forge an even greater relationship with the sector. When those ideas are in a decent state I’ll make them available for comment. I’m using infoNet’s Business Case Template to get things down on paper.
  • I spent some time catching-up with where we’re at with the Jisc Transformations programme. It comprises 58 projects working across four different strands: student experience; improved efficiency and/or cost savings; organisational capability for business and community engagement; and improved environmental performance. The bulk of those projects are expected to deliver a case study and audio and/or video description by the end of July. We’re getting there but I have a feeling there might be a slight delay. Really exciting to see some of the outputs start to emerge though!
  • I’ve started to list activities from the Jisc Open Innovation and Access to Resources programme in a timeline to help show how Jisc has contributed to the open agenda. It’s really beginning to take shape with a few tweaks still to be made. A nice visual way of demonstrating what has been achieved.
  • I really want to try and improve my networking and communication skills this year so I’ve started to identify a number of events worth attending with potential speaking opportunities. I’ve also noted a few down where I might be able to submit papers. Lets see how I get on.
  • Finally but not least I’ve started to think through the transfer of Jisc’s Customer Relationship Management Handbook to infoNet’s website as an infoKit. I think the best way to go about this is to combine the Handbook with the CRM Self-Analysis Framework and take into consideration Martin Hamilton’s suggestions. Once I’ve got a draft ready I’ll release it to previous authors, and the wider public for comment.

Lessons learned

  • If I ever ask anyone to carry out an audit, of any size, I will acknowledge receipt and I will thank them.

Of interest

  • If you get the chance to watch it I’d thoroughly recommend the BBC’s documentary covering the Piper Alpha tragedy. Very sad but amazingly well put together. Serves as a great reminder to never underestimate health and safety but also to learn from our mistakes. There’s never been a major oil rig blowout since.
  • I love Sketchplanations! Well worth a look.
  • Glad Instagram have finally started allowing you to embed videos and images :-)

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