Weeknote 06/2013

This week

AS Presenting

Image CC BY-NC-SA Jisc infoNet

  • Writing a report to summarise the two workshops I delivered with colleagues (@MumManJac, @adamhiles@whaa, @markjonclark) last week. The workshop used a range of participative approaches to capture information so the first part was to transcribe all of the raw data which took some time but I also had to figure out the best way of doing this. I ended up using excel to try and make the data more usable. From this I began to summarise the main discussion points in the form of a report and produce some recommendations. @adamhiles took a whole range of photos during the workshop too which have been made available to the college through Flickr’s guest pass functionality.
  • A rather sensitive but urgent requirement came up on Wednesday which threw my week somewhat. I feel like it was dealt with to the best of our ability in the circumstances but it did mean a number of my tasks, including the report writing, were delayed.
  • Attended a workshop focusing on impact and evaluation. It’s an area I’m very interested in from a professional and student perspective. From a professional perspective I want to be able to support projects and individuals I work with in adopting sound practices to evaluate and review the impact of their work. Interestingly the term used in this workshop was value/valuation and it focused specifically on economic benefits – encompassing qualitative/quantitative data. I need to do some further background reading into this, especially into logic models and shadow costing. From a student perspective it relates directly to project management practices. An added benefit of attending the event was that it was really interesting to meet lots of people from Jisc I’ve only ever known/followed virtually.
  • Sent out invitations to a number of key thinkers across the sector to join a wiki in which we’re planning the development of an Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice to be led by UCISA.
  • Painted my fence and started to prepare for a much needed holiday, whether its deserved or not I’ll leave for my peers to decide ☺

Lessons learned

  • Keep smiling and try to remain positive no matter what challenges are thrown your way. It’s felt like quite a difficult week. Where I’ve felt things beginning to get on top of me I’ve tried to take a bit of time out and think through how bad things really are. This time next week I’ll have probably forgotten about the things that have troubled me. Thinking that through at the time has really helped me to stay on top of everything and remain positive.

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