Weeknote 03/2013

This week

  • I moderated a colleague’s webinar on Business Intelligence. Seemed to go very well with over 80 in attendance. Just a shame the full 141 that registered weren’t online. The idea of a “single source of truth”, with regards to an organisations data and its use for decision-making, has been around for some time and to some extent is being realised as evidenced from the webinar. I thought Anita Wright’s point about data definitions was extremely interesting. They (The University of Liverpool) didn’t spend a great deal of time cleansing data however they did spend a great deal of time defining what certain terms actually meant.
  • I’ve been drafting a short piece on innovation relating to a set of projects funded by Jisc. Pretty happy with the first section, not so much my summary of the projects. Comments welcome – don’t worry about styling and proofing, that’s to come.
  • Further work on the strategic visioning workshop I’m running with @MumManJac – adjustments to ensure we meet the requirements of our client (so to speak). Slight worry there is too much emphasis placed on the technology but I think we can make it work given the mix of staff. I’ve pretty much completed my slides for day 1 too. Day 2 should be pretty straight forward, then a case of collating all of the materials next week.
  • Along with @elliogem I carried out a review of how well our communications template worked for the launch of our e-Safety infoKit. I’ll publish our findings on Jisc infoNet’s team blog in due course.
  • I’m trying out Martin Hawskey’s Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet or TAGS for short. I think he’s a genius and would thoroughly recommend you follow his work.

Lessons learned

  • Publish early, fail fast. I recently published my research proposal online. I’ve had some fantastic comments and offers of support. I posted it on the APM’s LinkedIn Group too and had a great response there so far.
  • I didn’t realise that pressing ‘b’ or ‘w’ would black or white out the screen in PowerPoint’s presentation mode. Useful if you need to hide the screen and really grab the attention of the audience.

Of interest


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