Weeknote 02/2013


This week

  • I’ve spent a great deal of time revising for an exam on business finance. I’ve found some aspects quite interesting e.g. the difference between accounting and business finance; the relationship between directors and shareholders; the steps in financial decision making; and Net Present Value, especially with regards to decision-making.
  • Planning for the strategic visioning workshop I mentioned last week is coming along. @MumManJac and I developed a draft agenda and are pretty set on the participatory approaches we’re going to use to facilitate the day. Graffiti Walls, H-Forms, Spider Diagrams, Bean Counting, and Road Maps – all in a days work. Just need to sort out the details to ensure the day runs smoothly.
  • I attended UCISA‘s Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice start-up meeting last week. I came away with an action of setting up a wiki where members can begin to develop their vision, baseline current activities, define their principles and begin to flesh out a roadmap of activities. Job done, just awaiting some feedback before we can send out the invitations. Looks like this will be after 24th May.
  • My appraisal is coming up at the end of the month. I’ve been preparing for that. In doing so I’ve asked colleagues I work with if they could provide me with some external feedback. To accomplish this I set up a Google Form. You can see my template here.
  • I also handed in my research proposal this week. Many thanks to @MumManJac for her advice and guidance!

Lessons learned

  • I need to be more confident in my own abilities. Had some amazing comments back as part of my appraisal survey so far. I think it stems from a fear of failure and putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform well. I guess I need to lighten up a bit :-)
  • I came across a nice definition of Risk and Uncertainty this week worth sharing. Uncertainty – anything not known about the outcome of a venture when a decision is made. Risk – a measurement of loss, identified as a possible outcome of the decision (not necessarily money). For risk, I wonder if you could widen it to say a measurement of loss/gain.
  • I only recently came across Net Present Value (NPV) when studying for my most recent exam. It’s a method of assessing investment opportunities – a very good one at that but I’ll not bore you with the details here. For anyone interested in Project Management I’d recommend looking it up.

Of interest


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