My Work Week in Words #4

Had a crazy couple of weeks with annual leave and getting used to being 30 but I’m back and in full flow (sort of). The beginning of this week started out getting back up-to-date with the current state of play at JISC infoNet, replying to emails, answering any queries received and reviewing my diary and work plan.

Content Review

I spent the majority of the week reviewing content I’m responsible for across the JISC infoNet website. This is inline with a number of improvements we’re aiming to make, for example:

  • Improving our publishing process
  • Cross device support
  • Becoming more data driven which will allow us to report more quickly and accurately

Expect to see more on this towards the end of the year!

Enterprise Architecture Event

I’ve also been heavily involved in the planning of two upcoming events. The first of which is Enterprise Architecture, working with Will Allen and David Rose on this. I’ve pulled together a draft agenda which we’re hoping to finalise next Friday (28th September). Our prefered date is 8th November, if you’re interested in attending then keep an eye on the Emerging Practices blog where it will be announced. We’re focusing on benefits, governance, engaging others, and modelling. On a slight tangent, I attended a modelling bash in between annual leave and you can see the write-up here:

Digital Storytelling Workshop

The second event I’ve been working on is around Digital Storytelling. We’re aiming to build in some of the learning from our training with Alex Henry (check out her work here — awesome) to provide a more personal and authentic take on some of the projects we fund. It’s been quite difficult agreeing how this should be organised because we don’t want to place too much emphasis on traditional reporting outputs which have a tendency to dilute some of the more important messages around why the project is important and what was achieved. We think we’ve developed a workable agenda to get something meaningful out of the day, taking place on 17th October. Generally speaking, it’s quite a difficult thing to get right from a work perspective. You can see my take on it below:

Things that caught my eye…


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