My Work Week in Words #2

Friday off this week so it’s been a short one. Nevertheless, still plenty to be getting on with.

Sprints for Outstanding Actions

We always start our week at infoNet with a half hour weekly catch-up. We had an outstanding action from a previous staff planning meeting to digitally capture some material produced as part of a brainstorm. We were struggling to find time between us to complete this; actually, I’d argue that we were struggling to prioritise the task. I suggested to a colleague that we have a half hour sprint after the weekly catch-up where everyone gets together and collates the data into a central Google Doc. Not only did we complete the task, it really helped boost everyone’s morale for the rest of the day. We’re going to run similar sprints going forward.

Programme/Event Administration

Wiki Updates

We’re using a wiki to capture project case studies from the JISC Transformations programme. It allows us to keep up to date with what’s going on across the programme and also allows us to comments where appropriate. I spent some time this week adding phase 2 and 3 projects to the wiki as well as tidying up the overview page to reflect these changes.

Enterprise Architecture Modelling Bashes

Despite the technical connotations of Enterprise Architecture (EA), it’s actually a strategic technique used to help deliver organisational change. A range of JISC projects have been finding it very useful, especially those that include change across an organisation’s infrastructure, business applications, and/or business processes. For me, it’s all about thinking in a joined-up way that helps to meet the needs of all your key stakeholders.

As part of JISC Emerging Practices we’ve been running a number of introductory workshops on Enterprise Architecture (EA). A number of JISC Course Data projects found the events so useful that they decided to organise a couple of their own modelling bashes. I’ve helped to finalise details for each event and pull together a registration form. I’m hoping to attend both events to capture and share any outputs/ideas across UK Higher Education, Further Education and Skills.

Change Management Workshop

A colleague recently organised a change management workshop for a range of Course Data projects. I’ve been getting requests from the Transformations programme for a similar event. In partnership with Coventry University who are going to host the event, I’ve organised a workshop to take place on 25th October 2012.

Planned a Digital Storytelling Workshop

As a part of the JISC Advance BCE Team, I’m very keen to hear from past projects to find out what kind of impact the work we’ve carried out with them has had. We’re in the process of organising a digital storytelling workshop for the first phase of Open Innovation/Access to Resources to explore what benefits and impact have been realised. It’ll be the first workshop of its kind, more to follow.

I also published an overview of some workshops I’d organised via the blog—Summary: Embedding BCE Workshop. Thanks to @HannaMiet for her help and contribution with this. Again more posts on the same topic to follow soon.

Business Intelligence Workshop

Myles Danson, Programme Manager of JISC’s Business Intelligence (BI) programme, thinks Emerging Practices might be able to sustain some of the work carried out by projects so far and help to maintain momentum in this area. I attended a workshop this week reflecting on the successes of the current programme, exploring what challenges remain and how JISC/other bodies might be able to support it going forward in the future. I’ve compiled a range of notes on the Emerging Practices blog—Getting to know about Business Intelligence.

Proof Read a Customer Relationship Management Handbook

JISC are in the process of developing a handbook to help institutions through the implementation of Customer Relationship Management systems. I spent some time this week proof reading the resource. I’ve still need to take another pass of the material but it’s looking really good and should hopefully be published later this year.

Written a Script for Evidencing Change Webinar

I’m delivering a webinar next week, looking at how projects might better evidence what impact their work is having. Impact is a funny word and to be honest I really don’t think it’s a very good idea to get too hung up on the definition. To me it encompasses impact, benefits and change. I prefer to think of it as evidencing change. We’ll record the webinar so will share it in next week’s post.


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