My Work Week in Words #1

I’m keen on starting to capture my week in words as a record that will contribute to my appraisal in 2013. These posts might not make a lot of sense to you but if you have any questions/comments please feel free to add them. If I’ve worked with you I’d really appreciate any feedback on my actions :-)


I started the week by finalising my appraisal forms. infoNet use a wiki to do this so that staff members can continually update their forms throughout the year. I’ve set myself a range of objectives across four areas of JISC: infoNet; Business & Community Engagement; Transformations; and Emerging Practices. I then took those objectives and broke them down into a range of key activities (as lists) within wunderlist where I can begin to break them down even further into tasks. I’ve based this on the GTD approach to productivity and it’s working well so far. At the start of the week I chose what my key priorities were and set deadlines for them within wunderlist. Once I’d completed that batch, I reviewed what other tasks I had and did the same. So far so good!

JISC infoNet Website

We’ve been reviewing all of our content across JISC infoNet and carrying out a bit of an audit. Certain infoKits don’t have printable versions so we’ve been trying to make sure we get all of those in place. I’m resposible for the improving organisational efficiency resources, and so I’ve spent some time getting that together in an offline format.


I’ve also been investigating which of our sites have been archived by the UK Web Archive. As part of our risk management strategy JISC infoNet rely upon the UK Web Archive as a last resort if anything were to go drastically wrong with our site. Over the past year we’ve been working more collaboratively with externals and have developed a number of resources using PBWorks. Once the audit has been finalised we’ve agreed with the UK Web Archive to take a snapshot of our full range of resources. They’re extremely helpful and wer very informative! I’m glad to say a number of blogs (including the BCE one has been picked up).

Domain Troubleshooting

Last week one of our subdomains disappeared very randomly. The Business Classifciation Scheme (BCS) became unnavailable with no warning. We weren’t too worried about the website because it was available offline however we were very dissapointed with our hosting service as the site was down for one week. After a number of days they explained that the problem was that our domain wasn’t registered. It was. They then explained although it was registered with a third party it wasn’t registered with Nominet. Nominet don’t manage domains, JANET do which is who our hosting is with, via RM. We explained this to them and in an hour or so the website was back. I have fed back to JANET.

Strategic ICT Toolkit video

To try and ensure we can reach wider audiences JISC are running more and more webinars (an online meeting). The benefit of this is that we can record the outputs, share them with wider audiences, and we’ve also got a record of what was said. This week I exported a webinar introducing the Strategic ICT Toolkit and made it available via JISC Emerging Practices.

Organising workshop

A colleague recently ran a managing change workshop for the JISC e-Learning programme. It was a great success and you can see a write-up via the JISC e-Learning Programmes’ blog. We’ve had some requests to run it again, this time focused on the JISC Transformations programme so I’ve been discussing with Coventry University the possibility of hosting it there. Waiting on dates before finalising the registration form but it’s looking like it will take place late Oct/early Nov.

On top of that I’ve also been liaising with colleagues from the JISC Course Data programme. Projects that had attended the Enterprise Architecture workshops have self organised a couple of Enterprise Architecture Modelling Bashes. I’ve offered to pull the registration forms together, which are in place, and attend the workshops to ensure JISC can share the learning that takes place.

Written reviews of the EA workshops

JISC Emerging Practices have organised two workshops this year, one in March, and one at the beginning of July. I completed the reviews (summary of the two days, background information, and detailed feedback) of these workshops this week which my colleague is checking before we share it.

BCE Blog

I’ve been looking at how we can improve the JISC BCE blog. One of my biggest bug bears about it was that the theme we’d chosed used fully justified text which is really bad for reading, especially to anyone that has problems with their eyesight, and those with reading difficulties. So we’ve made a couple of changes and began to update some of the main pages. We’re still working on it so any comments/ideas for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

Embedding BCE Workshops

I’ve been working with Hanna Miettinen to write-up a summary of some Embedding BCE workshops delivered in June. We’re just about there and hope to publish them w/c 23rd July via the JISC BCE blog.

RM synthesis

The JISC Advance BCE Team have been working on synthesising outputs from the BCE programme during it’s first three years. I’ve been working on the Relationship Management section of that which is pretty much complete. We plan to launch the synthesis outputs later in the autumn of this year.

While we’re on the topic of Relationship Management I’ve been helping a colleague from JISC CETIS publish videos they’ve been collecting from phase 2 of JISC BCE Programme’s relationship management strand.


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