Project Management Tools

I’ve been looking into a few tools for managing projects I’m currently working on. I was really impressed by the awesomeness and simplicity of Wunderlist which helps to clarify key tasks organised by lists (or projects if you will). Very simple and, for me, reflects David Allen’s Getting Things Done® methodology quite well. I then tried Wunderkit which is very similar, but for me seems to overcomplicate everything. I quickly became lost in the interface, spending more time learning the tool than using it as an aid.

One of my lecturers (Dr Sustainable) mentioned an approach using Google Calendars which caught my eye. I do like the idea of everything being calendar driven but I’m just not a fan of the interface for this kind of thing. More recently though, I came across Asana. It’s a mix between Wunderlist and Wunderkit. I’ve only just started looking at it and will hopefully report back soon on my progress.

Asana Screen Shot

Another tool that I’ve heard a lot about is tom’splanner but I’m not sure the Gantt Chart driven way of thinking is for me.


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