Getting started

Hello and welcome to my posterous site. I’ve just received an unconditional place to study Project Management at Masters level and I’m hoping to use this space to record my journey.  By doing this I hope to:

  1. Learn, and hopefully pass the course.
  2. Share my knowledge effectively.
  3. Improve my writing skills.

Let’s see how it goes…




2 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Congratulations, Andy! Great idea to setup a Posterous blog to chart your journey. Look forward to learning from you about the dark arts of project management. :-)

  2. It’s quite weird because having started out as an ‘accidental project manager’, then having formal training I actually find myself moving back on myself. My current thinking is that simplicity is the key and people like 37signals have hit the nail on the head.Taking the most complicated part of any project, ‘people’, out of the equation what do you need? Essentially a place to share information, a way of communicating effectively and some form of calendaring.You’ve inspired me a lot too over the past year or so with regards to ‘personal productivity’ which I think could be made more of but maybe more of that later :-)

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